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Two OOT Bag Questions - Smaller bags and spirit tumblers

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Hello Ladies,


I've been reading a lot of threads on OOT bags lately and starting to order some preliminary supplies and make my list. I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find addressed anywhere:


  • Spirit Tumblers: Has anyone used these? They look like a good compromise between travel mugs and stadium cups and should be easy to pack (since they probably stack). They are double walled so it is insulated. http://www.silkletter.com/clear-tumbler-p-792.html Imprint.com has them in better colors but they are more expensive.
  • Small OOT Bags: I was thinking of ordering smaller bags so that I don't feel the need to fill up a whole huge one. The ones I am looking at are 8 X 8 X 4 (gusseted): http://www.ingreetings.com/onwholortot.html I'm not sure if they would look more like a purse than a bag, but I suppose they would still be handy around the beach and pool, just not big enough for a towel. What do you think? Have any of you used smaller ones?


I don't think I will be doing a massive amount of stuff - here is my current list:

  • passport welcome book
  • key card holders with coil wrist bands and mini carabiners (Oriental Trading)
  • travel candle, small citronella candle if I can find it
  • Spirit Tumblers or travel mugs (maybe)
  • cheap floatie/swim tube
  • a little flashlight or bottle opener (maybe)
  • If we forgo the large items (tumbler, mug, floatie), I will purchase Ting/Red Stripe/Rum Cream or something of the sort in Jamaica.


I don't think I'm doing a medication pack or anything - we'll probably just bring some extra in case anyone needs any. Do you think the 8X8X4 would be filled nicely?


Thanks in advance!

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I really like the bags.  I think the size should reflect what you are going to put in them.


I like that you are trying to be creative with how to pack everything.  Lugging so much stuff with us has been my biggest fear and we have be deliberating about what we are going to do as well.  We are going to look at shipping everything, but will see I guess...


Our other thought was to purchase alot when we got there, but I worry that I won't find the things that I am looking for or will have to pay a premium prices for things because of no other options.


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