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so overwhelmed

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    Posted 29 August 2010 - 06:59 PM

    I feel so overwhelmed with all this planning right now i kind of want to scream! Im waiting to get my boarding pass STD file from the lady who is designing it because i really want to get them out since i didnt realize that std/invitation timeline for DW is different that a regular wedding. Once i get the file then i have to go have them printed which im hoping wont be too expensive and im still trying to even figure out how many people im inviting. I also ordered 5 tropical monograms on Etsy from the same girl and am waiting on those too and i want to use them on my passport invites and on the pocket for my boarding pass so i cant really move forward with either of those until i get my monogram files. And at this point im worried nobody is even going to show up the the wedding...everybody says yes they'll come if they can afford it but nobody will give me a real answer.. and my dad was just saying he wants to get the family to rent a villa or something so they dont have to pay to stay at the resort... well part of the reason im doing a DW is because my family hasnt been on a vacation together in like 10 years and i want us to all be together. And also if they stay somewhere other than the resort i have to pay like $100 per person for a day pass the day of the wedding and also im planning on doing a welcome/rehersal dinner so id have to pay for a half day pass for each person for that also! Im just so frustrated right now. They say they cant afford to stay at the resort but maybe its because they want to stay like 8 nights, well then dont stay so many nights!!!! and plus they want to go to hawaii the next month because they didnt go this year at all. Like its so hard to give up a trip to hawaii to go to mexico for your daughters wedding. Part of me feels selfish that people are having to pay so much but part of me says its my wedding and you can afford it if you make it a priority but i dont want to sound like a spoiled brat.... ok im dont rambling now... sorry just needed to get all that off my chest....


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