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Need help planning sandals wedding/reception

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My fiance and I chose Sandals Ocho RIos. Main reason being that it was our first trip together so it was sort of sentimental. Also we were familiar with the resort and loved how big and advneturous it was. There were so many things to do! My third reason being that it was more affordable to fly there from the east coast then St Lucia and some of the other resorts. (St Lucia was our 2nd choice)


As far as the reception/ceremony we ind of went a little crazy. We did the 3 hour reception, band, dj and a bunch of other extras. We wanted something traditional with a twist. And it is very hard to get what you want at Sandals with their basic options.


IIf your on a tight budget I would suggest reserving a restaurant, but I would wait until after you get there to make a final choice because you'll want to get a feel for it. A private reception is a bit more personal, but Im sure your guests will have fun either way! See how you do on your budget, and make the choice then! Fell free to send me a message, I'd love to share with you different things I found out!


TTYL Congrats! cheers.gif

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