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Diamond white dress - Can I wear a white veil, or does it HAVE to be diamond white?

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Hi Ladies,


I have been shopping around online looking for a veil, not wanting to pay ridiculous bridal store prices (especially since I already spent too much on my dress - oops!). I ordered my dress in diamond white and obviously I want to find a veil in diamond white to match, but it seems like many of the veils I do like only come in white or ivory :(


For example, one veiI I found that I really like is this one: http://www.bridalfashionmall.com/weddingveils/v435_veil.html

I can't seem to find anything like it in diamond white!


So my question is: could I do a white or ivory veil, or does it have to be "diamond white"? Has anybody done this? I feel like it might be risky, but I'm not sure...


Obviously the ideal situation would involve holding the veil up to my dress to see if it will match okay, but I don't have my dress yet (ordered, but still being made) and obviously shopping online for a veil means I won't see it in person until I actually order it.


Thanks for your help!!!

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I have a diamond white dress and found diamond white veil but I really don't know how different they are.  I found mine on etsy and it is being made for me exactly how I wanted it and diamond white was a color option.  I can find the information if yyou are interested.  Good luck

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