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Struggle with Weight

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#1 Eliana

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    Posted 10 March 2010 - 07:51 AM

    My entire life I've struggle with my weight. I was never skinny and often discriminated due to my weight. I come from a country (Argentina) where women are supposed to be perfect and if you a bit overnight you are immediately discriminated... I've been in the United States for ten years now and I am still struggling with how much I weight and how I feel....
    Since I started dating my FI in 2005 I was able to lose some weight and up to last year I weight between 125-135 (I often go up and down on my weight between those numbers). However 2009 was an extremely hard year for me, my entire family is in Argentina and missing them so much was hard and some challenges between me and my FI made things worse.. Today I weight 160 lbs....
    I know that it is not that bad, HOWEVER, I really need to go back to my old weight.... I feel very uncomfortable right not and none of my clothes fit me!
    Soooo, here's my master plan (lol):
    - I started going back to the gym (after having a membership since last july and never using it!) I started three times a week for the first two weeks, half an hour on the pool 10 min in the steam room and 10 min in sauna. After two weeks of this process, I will move to 5 days a week, 3 days swimming and 2 days of exercise classes.
    - Eating: I started having smaller dinner, healthier options, and during the afternoon I bring a healthy snack to work to ensure I don't eat everything I find on my way when I get home...
    For now, that's all I'm doing and we'll see if this works or not.. I hope it does...

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