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Ahr out of control?

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AHRs can be tricky. I posted the following yesterday in the general forums, AHR,

I think my mom was really upset I didn't want a traditional wedding with reception. As I've stated we're having a wedding and dinner reception in Italy in other posts. I am bad in crowds and feel uncomfortable being the center of attention. The destination wedding with just family, 14 total, was a way to have my dream wedding without an anxiety attack. And my fiance and I could be ourselves.


Anyway, we agreed to let my mom throw an AHR. It's turning into what I don't want, a traditional reception where I am a dog and he's a pony...needless to say, we're on display to do parlor tricks.


I don't want this! This is supposed to be a supplement, a party for friends and family, not my wedding!!!


I feel like the wedding I've been planning is crap and her party is the big deal. I have tried emailing, calling, talking to her saying what I want and she ignores me. I am at the point where I am going to scream at her because maybe she'll listen.


Thanks for letting me vent. I'm open to suggestions.

I am still really upset about it. I still think my mom is trying to get what she wants for me instead of what I want for us. My fiance would be fine with a BBQ with friends. I do think we deserve something nice but not over the top. I still feel that the wedding in Italy, what I've been planning and paying for is the big deal!


I've decided to talk to my mom about all of this today. I am snowed in. It's about 20 degrees in Washington, DC and we're supposed to get 18 more inches of snow by 3PM today. We already got 32" last weekend. Now I know that is nothing for those who live up north but in DC, that's a big snow.


More to come, stay tuned.

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