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oh geez.... 72 days!

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#1 Jacilynda

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    Posted 27 May 2009 - 06:58 AM

    Okay so I have this long list of things I need to buy, and a long list of things to do!

    I work for a lab a couple hours a week. FFIL has several companies who pay him alot of money (like $25,000 + ) which i don't get that much but I get a decent amount for running samples for 6 weeks for their projects. Well my list is so long cause I usually do a project at the lab for six weeks and w/in 4 weeks of finishing I get paid, and I usually start a new one 2-3 weeks after finishing one (if I'm not already doing them simultaneously). So I finished one at the beginning of April and haven't been paid. Its a lot of money and Joe and i hadn't budgeted for that sooooo I've put off buying wedding stuff until I get paid, which should be this week.

    I was looking at my list and freaking out for days, but realized yesterday I can pretty much buy everything this week when I get paid! the to do list is a whole 'nother ball park! the good thing is really that my to do list is a lot of projects i needed printed and assembled, but I need to go buy more ink.

    Can I say THANK GOD for Rebecca! Okay I had alot of DIY projects left to do and didn't know how I was going to get them done, but they were things I REALLY REALLY wanted. I wasn't willing to give them up. And as far as BM's I had 4, A (MOH), S, M & K. A is my sis and she couldnt glue 2 pieces of paper together straight so I never let her DIY and she doesnt like it anyway! M is 3 hours away w/ no time for projects, K is in the Marines, and S is really creative although she's been really wishy washy w/ our wedding. S is the BM who backed out in my previous blog. So since S backed out this week and hasn't really been there she wasn't able to help. S was also supposed to do my shower, but now isn't so I'm so glad M stepped up and is going to host but I have to set everything up. YAY for Rebecca!

    Okay, back to becks. I trust her, I have a hard time trusting people w/ my projects I'm always bothering for updates, but Rebecca could do her own thing and I'd just say whatev! So Rebecca has made me AWESOME luggage tags. I haven't gotten them yet cause we're still working on so many other projects! But I wanted something knew and not the regular. We made mini postcards! they have pics of akumal on one side and on the other say thanks and then where you would write your address is where they write their info! I love 'em! And they are a bit bigger and have different cases than the regular ones we see, so i CAN't wait to see them. then she's made my oot bag tags, tags for my pashminas, and now that I'm setting up my shower we're working on shower invites and then she's gonna help me with AHR. Oh my gosh what a relief!

    Next task, I had on my list was to update my registry and make sure we had everything on there. Well I did it on macys.com and I went and it was GONE! So now i have to start over! task of the day!

    #2 northernflasher

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      Posted 02 June 2009 - 12:46 PM

      Yeah for Becks ..... is she for hire! I think we could all do with a little of someone special like that in our lives right now. Nice to know who your real friends are when you need them. In the process of my planning I have actually severed all ties with my oldest best friend of 15 years after realising it was, is, always has been, always will be all one way traffic. Thank god for my sweet lil sis who's getting me through everything right now.

      Must say I think you're being so diplomatic over the whole S debacle, WTF!

      Love the sound of your luggage tags, pics and templates when you get half a chance.
      Michelle X

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