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BM Attire

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We have the BM dresses! And it was definitely a struggle....


I got caught up in the whole J Crew last minute sale and ordered some dresses online. I found them and ordered them all in the same day (my BMs live in KY, IN, and IL) because the dresses were going fast and I wanted to be certain to get my order, especially since they were the perfect colors. Well, they weren't the right sizes for the girls, and they weren't refundable, so I got discouraged and stopped looking for a few weeks.


I ended up finding these awesome dresses from Kohls, on sale for $35! I was a little concerned at first about the length of the dresses, but the girls are pretty cute and I'm sure they'll pull it off with no problems. Here are the dresses on my sister, the MOH.






And the necklaces I picked up before I got the dresses.




We haven't decided on shoes, but I'm sure we can find some really cute brown sandals just about anywhere. All three girls will wear the same dress, but the MOH will have orange flowers and the orange necklace, and the BMs will have pink flowers and the pink necklace.

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