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Planning Bio - My Dress is In

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After much anticipation ... my dress is in!!!!


Like most brides I was starting to second guess my decision... and was worried I would become a multi-dress bride. I had not tried the dress on in my size, so I had no clue how it would fit. I also ordered it in a petite - but had not tried on a MS petite, so wasn't sure what the length would be like.


But its absolutely perfect!!!! The corset back makes it fit like a glove and the petite falls just perfectly so it won't need to be hemmed at all. I will just need to add a bustle.


While trying it on at the salon, I also found the perfect veil. It is sheer and one layer with crystals all over the back. No picture of it yet... but it should be in in 2 months.


Here are the pics from the day we picked it up. As always, please ignore my yucky hair... the wrinkles... and the tags.


The front:



The back (the illusion train helped sell me on the dress... will be perfect for the beach):



Close up of the front (I think the drop waist makes me look taller... heheh)



Close up of the back (I love the corset! and will be taking out the privacy panel):




I originally found the dress at a local store. But after calling it around found it for $200 cheaper at Mestads in Rochester, MN. (their price was even cheaper than online retailers like bestbridalprices.com). They were super quick at emailing me back thoughout the whole process. I had wonderful service the day I went in to be measured and order the dress.


The day we went and picked up the dress, the service was only so-so. They gave me the dress and put me in a room and then completely dissapeared for like a half hour. My mom had to come tie it up. Then we (mom, grandma and I) went and found the big mirror and sat admiring it for a while. No one was around. I wanted to try on some veils while I had the dress on, so my mom and grandma went and started grabbing them. After like the 3rd trip up to the front, a lady finally noticed and came and checked in on us. Then she wouldn't leave and was pretty pushy with veils and jewelry. We found a veil I loved and my grandma stated she wanted to buy it in full like 12 times and the lady completley ignored her. She also wasn't too happy when I announced I was taking the dress home with me and having alterations done elsewhere. Oh well though. ICan't beat the price... and I LOVE my dress. : )

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It really is beautiful on you. Hooray for petite sizes!!! My dress (provided I still love it when I go to order it) is shorter in front, so I won't need hemming either. Woohoo!


I want to see the veil!!

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