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Randomness of May 26

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    Posted 26 May 2008 - 09:10 PM

    The weather: So we had beautiful weather on Saturday! Must have been at least 23 (celsius that is!) I felt bad because Mat was nightshift so he didn't get to do much other than sleep & go to work. Everyone seemed busy (with kids, broken toes & work!) so I spent most of the afternoon at my friends garden centre. I love being around all the plants & stuff! I worked there last summer, but definately do not want to be pulling that kind of work again! (12+ hour days working outside or in the hot greenhouse) By evening it turned to rain. Cue nasty headache. Rained all day Sunday - again didn't get to do much! So this morning I wake up to what sounds like a nasty wind storm... actually turns out to be snow. FRIGGIN BLOODY SNOW!!!!!!!! Only in Timmins, ON can it snow at the end of May... grrrrrrrr! I even had to wipe my back windshield before driving anywhere. I was tempted to take a pic, but was also way too depressed! lol Snow snow go away... DON'T come again another day!!!

    Laptop: So we bought a new laptop a few weeks ago & it's been amazing!! No more being cooped up in the rabbit/computer room - I am free to surf anywhere in the apartment. Until this morning. I thought Mat had done something this morning when he got home from work, but he says he didn't do anything & that it was like that when he turned it on! It definately wasn't acting up when I turned it off last night. So lord knows what happened!! All I know is that it must be pretty shitty if my friend who's a computer whiz has no idea what to do!! Thankfully we got a great warranty so I'll be calling Staples tomorrow to see about getting a replacement.... REALLY friggin annoying! (I'm back to being stuck in the rabbit/computer room on the old PC that we're clearing off to sell for a couple bucks. BOO)

    Biggest Loser: I haven't been doing great, but I haven't been doing bad either. I've been slacking majorly on my morning walks. It's so hard to get up & get outside right away! I am not a morning person (even if "morning" may be noon when I drag my a$$ out of bed!!!) so to get up & be out of the house in less than 30 minutes is a joke. I even try to do this without having coffee first & I want to cry. Motivation is that the Timmies is on the way home from my usual walk route so if I'm good & push myself hard enough I'll stop in for a large double-double to take home & enjoy on the couch! Then I feel like I have wings! BUT if I have coffee first, I usually feel sick to my stomach on the walk. It's a lose-lose situation, I swear!!! Plus Mat doesn't understand my lack of ability to get up because when he's dayshift he gets up at 4:10am. Okay, 4:10am doesn't exist in my world unless it's because I haven't been to bed yet. I laugh when ge gets in from nightshift (5:30am) & asks if I'm gonna get up & start my day. It's so funny that it's not even worth getting upset at his smartassness.

    Gym has been good! I go Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri with Mat. He's amazing at going no matter how his day was or what shift he works so that keeps me going!! I've been upping my weights lately & am proud to say that I can now squat 60lbs!!! In my opinion I should be doing much more because I have amazingly strong thighs (don't need anyone to hold onto my legs when they give me a piggyback - I could actually drop them to the ground if I give a bit of a squeeze too!) but I guess progress is a good thing! I've been considering taking a cardio-dance class on Tuesday nights, but the regular work-out I do takes usually at least an hour so I can't imagine adding another hour to being at the gym! Plus alot of the gym bunnies take this class & I just can't take them seriously. I'm a b*tch at the gym. lol

    Eating has been decent. Lots of fruit & veggies. No take out (other than Subway or Timmies coffee) & nice healthy dinners with alot of fish, chicken & veggies! I gave in & had pretzels at the movies tonight because I was craving salt & figured it would be better than the buttery popcorn or chips!
    I have been dying for a P'zone from Pizza Hut though!!! I don't think I've ever had one before & everytime I see the commercial I practically start to drool! Mat offered to take me on Wednesday to celebrate another week of good work! So assuming I see a change (for the better) on the scale, then we're off to the hut. But then I'll definately do a morning walk Thursday!

    I'm rambling. But it's okay. It's my blog & I'll ramble if I want to....

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