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Time to Get Serious about Biggest Loser!

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I've been slacking & feeling very lazy (although I feel motivated! I really do!) so I thought maybe by posting my before pics on here, I could help give myself an extra boost.


I'm not overly hard on myself, body-image wise. I used to have a rock-hard body in highschool from playing sports, but I was a tall, thin stick. I am much more curvier & I much prefer it now! I have a great butt & breasts (in my opinion!) I just need to tone up a bit & gain some of my fitness back. I'm not shy to wear a bikini or tight clothing. I do not constantly compare myself to thin, pretty women. I am more or less pretty happy with the way I look & just want to improve on the near-perfection that I already am! (LOL)


I might sound like I'm full of shit, but I'm just being honest with myself here. I don't feel that putting myself down will help at all, so I've always tried not to do it :)


Here are my 3 before pics (front, side & back)

I will take my after pics in the same outfit once the 8 weeks are up.








After an intense conversation, Mat & my friend Elaina have come the the conclusion that it's the workout pants that make my "lovehandles" seem much more defined than real life. They say that the pics are surprising because you don't notice that on a daily basis. As much as I think they're sweet & appreciate it, I think it's a better motivation to see them (all squished up there for the world to see!)


I am hoping to lose 20 pounds in the next 8 weeks, but will not be heartbroken if I don't reach the number. I'm going to try to gauge my "success" on how I feel & look in my clothing.


This post seems very blah, not my usual happy self typing, only because I'm really tired & want to go to bed! I just needed to get this posted because I've been slacking since Wednesday!

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