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Engagement part 1

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I thought i would post a story line of our engagement, since I'm so desperately trying to avoid doing work right now:)


He surprised me when we got to the airport as I thought we were going to Aspen for Thanksgiving with family. But as we pulled up to the terminal he said "I need to tell you something, I haven't been completely honest with you.." My heart sank....stomach turned. FI: "we're not going to Aspen were going to London" I didn't believe him, i don't know why, I just didn't. He told me he planned the trip to go see Led Zeppelin play their only gig. But 2 months before we were leaving, Jimmy Page broke his finger. He almost canceled the trip and was going to rebook when they would play again, but he decided (he is telling me all this) why not, we both have family in London and we should go anyway, since he had already planned everything. I was so excited I love Led Zeppelin but I hadn't been to London since I was 2...so I could care less about Led Zeppelin I was going to Europe! We got on the plane and he had a bag full of goodies, books, food, neck pillow, sleeping masks. He even brought my pajamas!


We slept and it was really the shortest flight ever. We got to london and it was FREEZING! We got into a funny looking cab and went to his mom's house (both our parents are from there, and he was born in London, this is a random coincidence) and settled in.

That night we went to dinner with my cousin and to the "Blue Bar" everything was blue, go figure. The next day my FI woke me up early while my head was pounding from the night before and told me we needed to get up an catch a train to Paris! So we packed an over night bag and went to the train station. He had already booked everything through a travel agent so he had our tickets but I guess we had to still check in. We had about 1 hour until our train left. We get up to the counter and give the ticket agent our tickets. He is typing away at his computer without saying anything and periodically going through a door to a back area and then coming out and typing more, but not saying anything. Finally I asked, is everything OK? He says well, they aren't booked for some reason, but let me check some other things. More time goes by and we have about 20 minutes before our train leaves. He goes to the back room again for a really long time. Finally he came out and said, there was some problem and we could try to go 2 days later that was the soonest ticket he had available. I looked at my FI and I told him, maybe we shouldn't go, it's far away and we only have a short time in London, maybe we should just come back another time. If looks could kill, i would have been dead so at that point, My hang over was starting to really settle in so I told FI I was going to go get coffee and I would be back. 10 minutes later I come back and 4 people are standing with the ticket agent, i guess all the managers, and they are all apologizing and saying that because of the mishap they are going to upgrade us to first class etc. We ended up missing the first train but got first class which was a big difference! As we walked away, I asked my Fiance what he said to them, he said, he just looked at them with a sad face and said please. whatever it was, it worked. We had about an hour so we went to the worlds longest champagne bar, which had just been opened 2 weeks before we were there. When you go to London you have to go to this champagne bar. It was incredible...so at 10 am we are drinking champagne! and so were 100s of other people:)


That was a pretty incredible experience. We finally boarded the train and what a fun ride that was! We played Gin and drank lots of champagne. it only took 3 hours to get to Paris.

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