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Starting the blog - blog on!

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I just like the word blog. Blog this, blog that, and hey BLOG YOU!!!


So, here I am still haunting the BDW Forum with 9.5 months of marriage under my belt. And now Iâ€m a BDW blogger. BLOG!


Anyway, hereâ€s my encapsulated history:


I met Rafael two jobs ago, circa 2004, at a vegetable processing company in Salinas, CA. I actually interviewed him! Over time, we became friends on the job as we interacted frequently during the course of the work day. About 9 months after being friendly and going to lunch once a week, he finally asked me out. I was excited, yet tentative as Iâ€d never dated a divorced guy before – much less one with 2 kids. We ended up having a fantastic time and have been together ever since.


We got engaged in April 2006 in Big Sur (my favorite place ever), and married at the Cabo Surf Hotel on 3/17/2007.


Since then weâ€ve quit our jobs, packed up and moved from my hometown in good old Cali to the Great Northwest – Seattle to be specific. Weâ€ve been here since September 2007. This is a huge change for all of us, but we did it so we would have a hope of ever owning a home. We are currently packed tight like sardines in a ridiculously expensive and ridiculously small 2 bed / 2 bath apartment, eagerly awaiting the construction of our new home.


My sixteen year old step son, Richard, has lived with us for the past year and a half. Although about every 4 weeks he decides he wants to move back to Arizona with his mom. Clearly, for those of you who donâ€t already know, this is a major source of stress and frustration in my life.


Blog on bloggers!

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