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Fabulous Wedding Gowns for Budget Brides according to Forbes

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Hey lovely brides-to-be!!


I saw this interesting Forbes.com article on yahoo.com today, featuring 10 great wedding gowns for budget brides and they are beautiful! Further proof that you don't have to spend your life's savings to look fabulous on your Wedding Day!!! wink.gif


Hope this helps some of you ladies or at least brings you some wedding dress inspiration *hugs* :hugs2:


Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bridal Gowns At (Almost) Bargain-Basement Prices - Yahoo! Shopping

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What a great article, MarieSam!


I'm still a wedding-gown-aholic, and let me please say, these little beauties are amazing....with incredible prices to match! Thanks for sharing, and I'm sure this will help LOTS of B2Bs to find a fab, but affordable, wedding gowns!

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