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Catch a falling star, Negril?

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#1 LisaAndDreJamaica2011

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    Posted 20 July 2010 - 12:14 AM

    Any one getting married there? Can't seem to find much info. I visited last Tuesday and loved it. I've cut my list in half and plan to have 60 guests, which Andrea said they can accommodate. Other than that, I don't know much about their wedding packages or requirements. Are guests required to stay there? Any discounts on the rooms for guests? Free stay for the couple :)? Rockhouse was my first pick, but the constant No No Nos...turned me off big time. Inise at Rockhouse doesn't move an inch!

    #2 Woodro911

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      Posted 08 October 2010 - 11:25 AM

      Alright, not sure if you are still in the market, but I'll do a quick reply just in case.  Catcha Falling Star Resort and their staff are remarkable.  My fiance and I are getting married there in January, and we have had nothing but the best things to say about Andrea and her crew.  It's sometimes like pulling teeth to get info out of them, but they come around, you just have to bug them a couple times.  I have only spoken on the phone with them a few times, mainly used email, and the wedding plans are going well.  My fiance and I are pretty flexible (we didn't go into the planning process with EVERY detail picked out and demand it be so), so we went into the planning with an open mind as to what Catcha could offer.


      As I said, their timeline for responses can be slow (it took 2 months from the time I prompted them until the time we completely had everything settled, including the bill - but that could also be them waiting on quotes from vendors).  I usually would drop them a line every 3 weeks or so throughout the 2 months and just say "hey, I'm waiting to hear on this..." and they would reply within a week and let me know what is going on.  I was worried, but I have come to realize that they have everything in control, and they actually like knowing exactly what you want so they aren't left guessing.  Unlike what it seems you are getting from Rockhouse, Catcha's staff seem to be willing to bend over backwards for everything.  It's your special day, they should!


      All in all, our wedding is approximately $3000 for 16 people, and we got everything we wanted.  They have a decent menu, and the dinner is about $55/person, hors d'oeuvres are separate and cost about $16/person.  We also booked our photographer separately, I recommend www.jamaicaweddingphotos.com, as they have been nothing but professional.


      Here are examples of quotes they sent me for services...


      The Marriage License and Minister’s fee is $300.00US. To send the marriage license to you it will cost $35.00 US.    TOTAL: $335.00 US.


      Cakes for 16 people ran from $200 and up total.  We just went with the traditional Jamaican wedding cake (when in Rome...), as we want the full experience, plus it's loaded with rum and liquor soaked fruit, so you can't go wrong, haha!


      FLOWERS –

      Bridal bouquets range from $90.00 US, and up, depending upon your selection. Floral arrangements range from $80.00 US, and up, again depending upon your selection.


      JAMAICAN BANDS - A singer is included with the band.

      Steel Band                                            $175.00USper hour

      Reggae Band                                        $290.00 USper hour

      Jazz Band                                             $220.00 USper hour                                       



      CHAIRS –

      Regular plastic folding (cream)                                                       $1.00 USeach

      Regular plastic folding (white)                                                         $1.00 US each


      Rectangular – Seats 8 people                                                         $4.00 USeach

      Small - Seats 4 people                                                                     $2.00USeach

      TENTS -

      We have different types and size tents that you may rent.  They are:.

      -           20x20 - This is a high peak tent that can hold up to 30 people. The charge for this tent is $120.00 USand $75.00 USfor transportation.    TOTAL:  $195.00 US.


      -           20x30 - This is a regular tent that can hold up to 50 people. The charge for this tent is $110.00US and $75.00 USfor transportation.  TOTAL: $185.00 US.


      -           20x40 - This is a regular tent that can hold between 60-65 people. The charge for this tent is $120.00USand $75.00 USfor transportation.  TOTAL: $195.00 US.


      -           20x60 - This is a regular tent that can hold between 80-100 people. The charge for this tent is $175.00 USand $75.00 USfor transportation.  TOTAL: $250.00 US

      #3 Woodro911

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        Posted 08 October 2010 - 11:28 AM

        I think they require the bride and goom to stay there, but I don't think they can support 60 people for accomodations, so some people may have to stay elsewhere.  There was no discount (but we didn't really ask) for the bride and groom either.  The room rates are pretty cheap for the area anyway, plus it's a popular location for weddings, so they would be giving discounts all the time, so it wouldn't make business sense, but that's just me.  Then again, if you bring that much business to them (60 people), they might be willing to make a few concessions.  Good luck!

        #4 LisaAndDreJamaica2011

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          Posted 09 October 2010 - 10:19 AM

          Thanks so much for the response. I decided on Rockhouse because reducing the list to 60 would have excluded too many people. Honestly, the property shouldn;t even advertise that they can even seat 60 people at a time because that would have been a major stretch. Why travel and go through the ordeal of a destination wedding if you can't share it with your closest friends and family! We are, however, having our rehersal dinner at Catcha, and will probably stay there for my first two nights in Jamaica (cheaper than rockhouse..lol). Rockhouse will cost me about $66 per person and they don't charge for napkins, tables, chairs, tiki lamps, or chinese lanterns. My best friend's cousin is a Kingston based photographer and she gave me a great deal. Thanks again for the info! I will def pass it along to a friend planning her wedding in Negril.

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