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Hi everyone,


I was wondering what everyones opinions were on this topic. My mom passed away last year. My dad is probably helping us with about 50% of the wedding. My fiance's mom is (we are guessing) going to give us a gift. Now, if my dad gives us his gift early and we put it towards the wedding, I mentioned to my fiance about wording the invitation as him announcing the marriage of his daughter... on the invite. He is saying what about his mom. She will be mad to see my dad on it and not her. What if she doesn't give us a gift until after or at the wedding? At that point is it a gift and not a contribution to the wedding? My dad is probably giving it to us prior. I don't know what is right? I feel if he is helping greatly (which I didn't expect) than he should be acknowledged on the invite.


What do you all think? His mom likes to have any issue cause an arguement and I can see this being one, but I want to make sure I feel right on this one.




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I put both of our parents on the wprding of the invitation even though my parents are contributing more than his are.  It is just easier this way and my parents were fine with it.

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