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I heart Etsy - garters and hairpieces

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I have to give a huge shout out to etsy and two of the vendors on there!


I just got my garter and hairpiece through Etsy and could not be happier. Both items were beautifully handmade and VERY reasonably priced! The garter was $7 and the hairpiece $35.


If you are looking for a garter be sure to check out HelloDesignCrew on etsy.com.


SM/MED Bridal Garter Bridal White and Something by hellodesigncrew


Hairpieces (especially vintage looking with feathers) - go to nyjolejewellery at Etsy.com.


Fascinator Wedding Accessories White Silver by nyjolejewellery

(similar to mine)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine and I will be sure to post pics of the actual when the big day comes - Aug. 6 :)

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I'm glad you're happy with your purchases. From what I hear, Etsy has a lot to offer. I'll pay the site a visit when I'm ready to get my garter. Looking forward to seeing pics.

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