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After doing a bit of research on photobooks, I decided to go with blurb for my BD pics. Nothing horribly wrong - but I can't say that I was super impressed:


- The phrase on the cover wraps around the edges. Yes they do give you a warning when you are doing the layout, but once you move it away from the edges far enough, the warning disappears. I did that - but half of the phrase still isn't visible as it curves under the book.


- Full page layout pictures are slightly cut off. It's not a big deal on a general shot, but there were images where I specifically cropped it to include certain parts of my face and they were cut off.


- Image quality - it seems like some weren't as clear as I expected but maybe that's just me being OCD :)


Anyhow - I'll still give it to my FI since I don't have time to make another one and I still say give Blurb a try, as it is easy to use, reasonably priced, and quick turn. But wanted to throw in my 2 cents in case it helps :)

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