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Hey girls so I need some serious help on the wording for my invitations. I am making 2 different invitations--the first is for my destination wedding and the second is for my at home reception. In the first invitation, I needing to include the obvious-date time location. The part I'm having trouble with is 1) we're having a small beach reception right afterwards in the same location--it's just including finger foods, cake, and punch. 2) we're having an at home reception and I also want to include this on the first invitation. I can't figure out how to word these 2 things into the invitation.


The second invitation, like I said is for the at home reception. I don't know hwo to word it at all. Any help would be appreciated!

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Well right below all the wording on our invites we put “Reception immediately to follow” so people knew we were having a reception. What if you put “Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to follow” or something like that? For the AHR wording, I don’t know. We didn’t put anything about it in our invitations and we are only sending out invitations for a dinner (not a full blown reception) with regular party invitations. We added a card in the invites with our TA, resort, and booking information for our guests. If you are doing something like that you can put on there that you are having an AHR.

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