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omg have been on here for 5 months i dont know where to begin....

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#11 cessyboston

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    Posted 03 August 2007 - 09:17 PM

    Originally Posted by Susan101207
    Sorry, I can't be much help with this. I've done, un-done, re-done just about everything, except the location, that I was set on before we were even officially engaged. I still have lots of details that I need to get in order and I'm down to two months... I think that's just part of a DW though. So you definitely have to be able to put a lot of trust and faith in others.

    On the other hand, I think a site visit in SUCH an advantage. We were at Dreams Cancun, but before we were planning a wedding, so we never did an official site visit. Everytime you think of something you want to ask the WC, write it down and bring the list with you! You will forget some things if you don't.
    -Take a look at their chair/table linens and maybe get a feel for what colors you'd like. Maybe you can even get a little swatch to take back with you so you can coordinate when it comes to invites, BM dresses, etc.
    -Look into all the "hidden" fees, if Cabo is anything like Cancun, there are lots of them (especially if you have over 20 guests). For cocktail hour and dinner we are spending over $60 per person, and that doesn't include linens. All decorations cost extra, sound systems, dance floors, centerpieces, bouquets, boutenieres.... I am lucky and extremely fortunate in that my parents are able and willing to foot the bill, but otherwise, I'd say a budget is essential...otherwise it would be VERY easy to get out of control. Also when budgeting, make sure to overestimate the number of guests that will be attending. We were guessing 50, maybe 60, at the most. Now we have 100...that about doubles the budget. So better to overstimate that underestimate!
    -Seems, like you are going to your site visit at about the same time of year you plan on having your wedding. I think that's very helpful too, because you can get a general idea of how the weather will be. That should really help when planning too.
    Remember, we are here for you and will help you every step of the way! There are lots of Cabo brides that have been there, done that, ... that's the best advantage you can get!
    thanks susan.hugs
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      Posted 03 August 2007 - 09:42 PM

      I probably went about this all backwards, but I found a location we loved then tried to figure out if we could afford it. We did a lot of math (and when I say we, I really mean I). I have all kinds of crazy spreadsheets for how much we can save to our approximate budget (it's only approximate because really...I'm a spending girl at heart.)

      I planned a wedding with all the things I would love. Then I worked to scale back from there and stuck with items I thought "essential" to having a perfect wedding. Everyone has different priorities and you will find that Donnie and you most likely will as well. We had to compromise a lot.
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        Posted 04 August 2007 - 06:51 AM

        Everone starts planning their wedding in a different order. I won't worry to much about what you haven't done. The only thing I would jump on is picking the date so that you can start booking the location, vendors and letting you guest have some idea of when they need to be planning on travelinng.

        Congrats :)

        #14 fogdog

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          Posted 05 August 2007 - 12:49 PM

          I had only about 4-5 months to sort it all out and for a while in the beginning I was ready to give up. Then someone gave me the brilliant piece of advice to do only one, and no more, thing each day. Pick one thing, focus on it for the day, set some type of goal (to decide something or complete a task), do it, and then get back to enjoying the rest of your life. Engagement is fun - don't let the wedding get in the way of that! If you contemplate your entire list every day it will stop being fun.
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            Posted 05 August 2007 - 01:19 PM

            Just start out with how much money you have/want to spend. Subtract the stuff you already booked and divvy up what is left to every detail. It is good budget in a little cushion, trust me, you will use it!

            Here was mine (I came out about $1000 over).
            Coordinator Fee: $800
            Ceremony Set up: $1000
            Reception: $2360 (extra charge for filet & lobster buffet)
            Centerpieces: $400
            Other reception decorations: $330
            Rehersal Dinner: $1000
            Day Passes: $500
            Trio Gutarists (thru Maye): $540 (2 hours)
            DJ (thru Maye): $840 (4 hours)
            Fire Dancers (thru Maye): $550
            Photography: $1400 (booked 2 years ago.) Juan's Rates have gone up a lot since.
            All Flowers, including bouquets (thru Maye): $600
            Cake (thru Maye): $240
            Favors: $140
            Airline tickets: $400
            Dress w/alterations: $1000
            Shoes: $42
            Jewlery: $50
            Hair/make-up (including trial run): $370
            Grooms suit: $250
            Groomsmen shirts: $165
            Bridesmaid alterations: TBD (approx $360)
            Bridesmaid gifts: $260
            Groomsmen gifts: $238
            Parents Gifts: $200
            Invitations & STD's: $586
            OOT Bags (+ contents): $400
            Rings: $1200

            Here is the spreadsheet I used. If it helps, you can customize it to fit your wedding.



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