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Current Jamaica Weather

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We are due to leave England on Thursday and wondering about the current weather in Jamaica?


We have been watching the weather reports over net, but they all seem quite vague, for example, they say scattered thunder storms etc.


Does this mean mostly thunderstorms bit with a bit of sun in between, or the opposite way around.


Has anyone just come back from Jamaica, that can give more detailed account of weather, for example, morning, dinner, late afternoon, evening?


This would be appreciated.



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I actually talked to my photographer in Jamaica the other day. She said it's been rainy there, but it is their rainy season. Generally it would rain for a couple of hours and then stop and the sun came out.


this is a site that has web cam to the resort we stayed at - you can keep an eye on it and see if it's raining a lot.


hope this helps!


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