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Help for an indecisive bride!

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Hi seedsngarlick!


I just wanted to chime in ( hope you don't mind!) with a few thoughts!


I've been to them all -multiple times (well just once to Sandals Emerald Bay!) !



One of the things that I love about Sandals is how each resort is different- they each have their own personalty and ambiance! One of the things I stress to my clients is to find teh perfect sandals for their needs and desires!


Some of my clients may LOVE Sandals Grand Ocho Rios and hate sandals royal caribbean and others the other way around - it really depends on what they wanted their vacation to be!


I have clients that travel to sandals twice a yaer- love the concept but I advise them against certain properties because I know that the particular resort is not a good fit and they would hate it!


Some of the things that have to be taken into consideration are:


Do you want a quieter or active resort?

What age group do you want to vacation with?

Are you more into beaches or pools?

Do you want activities outside of the resort -or to relax the whole time?

Your budget- at what property do you get the most "bang" for your buck?

What kind of room are you most comfortable with ?

For weddings- what do YOU want to experience? How does that jive with your guests budget?


While I have certain resorts that I absolutely adore they may not be what YOU need for your wedding/vacation.


So I would really encourgae you to take others opinions with a grain of salt!


Ok that being said- Ocho Rios is not that much farther than Negril . Sandals Negril is about an hour to an hr 10-15 minute drive (depending on traffic). Sandals Grande Ocho Rios is an hour 30-40 minutes.



And.......Sandals Negril is fantastic- the ambiance is very caribbean and the sunsets, .......ahhhhhh. But it is a small resort and very compact.


Sandals Grande Ocho Rios is a large, very lush resort. This is great for those that like to spend more time at the pool, looking at the ocean.There are pools tucked everywhere and a large pool up on the manor side of the resort. Beach here is smaller but works - there is ample space on the main portion of the beach for everyone and plenty of water sports! the price is generally less expensive for Sandals grande Ocho Rios than for Sandals Negril.


I've had weddings, honeymoons and vacationers at both that absolutly loved their stay!

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Originally Posted by seedsngarlick View Post
Okay, so I spent weeks agonizing over the decision of which Sandals resort to get married at...I finally chose Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and booked a Honeymoon Oceanview Villa One Bedroom Suite W/ Pool. I was very happy with my choice but lately I have started stressing out that I didn't pick the right resort. I had no problem saying yes to the man. I had no problem saying yes to the dress. Why on earth am I having such a hard time saying yes to the resort?!
I did the same thing after I booked our resort. Probably because there are so many options. You've just gotta stop looking! So many ones offer different things, but you picked the one you picked for a reason. Trust your gut!

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