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Avoid - digital expressions video

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This is a long story but read below for my complaint with the BBB. you can contact me directly if you have any specific questions.


My wedding video from Sep 09 is not yet complete after 8 months. I've called and emailed numerous times and I always get the same excuse about the economy. Since he caused my wedding to start late by showing up almost an hour late, he promised to have it to me ASAP after the wedding. In Oct, he said it would be ready before Christmas, on Dec 19th, said it would be ready in Feb at the latest, and then on Jan 31st, my video was in line #24 but he would put it ahead. On March 18th, told my husband that we were all of the sudden #28 in line but he'd move it ahead. On March 23, he told my wedding planner that "I have a few post wedding edits that I have to work on personally but I will bump Mia and Joseph's wedding to fifth on my personal workload." Also in Jan, he tried to get out of it by trying to make me sign a form for "free" raw footage video, which according to my lawyer, is a scam. By signing for this "free" form, I would have released him of providing me anything further. The form states: "The studio is under no further obligation to the client once raw footage is turned over to the client." I've already paid for the service in full before Sept and now he's trying to get out of providing me the video. I have no faith that he's actually working on my video at all and will need to get my lawyer involved once I've filed this complaint.

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