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Iâ€m planning my wedding hopefully for January 2012 and  it will be in playa del Carmen surroundings, I was thinking about The Royal Playa del Carmen, can someone share an experience? I'm new in the forum, so I donâ€t have much to shareL but for now I want to share my only experience hope it helps :), Iâ€m just returning from my sisterâ€s wedding in a beautiful beach at Mayan Riviera near Playa del Carmen, it was incredible beautiful but the most important thing for her was the wedding decoration because she loves natural flowers and I need to say the floral decoration was amazing, my sister and I went down in a site visit last year to help her to chose the perfect wedding location, ones in town we met a French Florist, his name is Cyrille, his e-mail address is zc.event@hotmail.com , he showed us a little of his job and we loved it, he did events in different countries around the world, he is events planner, that is why he knew what we were looking for, but no one of the pictures can show his true job, ones you see it a live is much better.  My sister and I walked around playa del Carmen looking for a cheap flower shop and we gladly found out he is one of the cheapest in Playa, good job-good price from my sisterâ€s bouquet until the wedding reception dinner, the amount the wedding coordinator wanted to charge was crazy.

Hop my little comment can help someone J and please give me some comments about The Royal.

Thank you

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