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Sending OOT bags before?

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I need some advice ladies!!


I know the whole meaning behinde OOT bags is to give as a thank you for coming. I am nervous about traveling with all these bags through Mexico customs. I was thinking of shipping the bags to everyone about a week before(we have a lot of guests that don't live around us) but I'm not sure of a saying to put on the bags...like a thank you for booking and telling them to bring the bag with them. I plan to put a spanish for dummies...puzzle books for the plane...and the normal hand sanatizer and all of that.


Our wedding is 1/11/11 so we would be seeing everyone for Christmas before we leave but I thought it would be tacky to give everyone on Christmas...


Anyone run into this problem, what did you do?!

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We are doing the same thing, but we live near most of our guests so we are driving them around to people the weekend before we leave. The others who live far away, we will probably just bring those w/us which will still be a lot LESS than everyone's.

I also think it could be a nice way to check in with all of our guests before the wedding.

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