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Puerto Vallarta Villa Advice

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Hi, I'm new on BDW.


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on booking a villa for the reception and the week around it. We want the ceremony on the beach and the reception back at the villa with both our immediate families staying at the villa with us. Also your opinions on whether a wedding coordinator is a necessity when our wedding is going to be so small?


We are thinking about booking Casa Angela for a May 2011 wedding. We were between Casa Angela and Carol Ann, but had opted for Casa Angela as we liked the romantic ambience. However, my fiance is Australian and we are living in Australia. We can't afford to go check places out, so we are going off of the websites and the pics there, so if anyone has seen casa angela and can offer any feedback, I'd really appreciate it. We need a mininium of 8 bedrooms, preferable 9-10 depending on how the beds are configurated (5 kids will becoming). We're also on a bit of tight budget since I don't want accomodation for the week to be too expsensive since the family from Australia is already having to pay quite a bit for plane tickets. The other great thing about Casa Angela is that they will cater for up to 30 people, we just need to buy food and there is only a $15 per person event fee...we are only planning on having about 30 people so these were definitely selling points. I've gotten a few references from Casa Angela, but still would really like to hear opinions on it! Thank You!



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