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My MOH and groomsmen are heading for divorce...

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Best of luck to your MOH - that is so sad sad.gif Sometimes, no matter how bad we want things to work out, they are just out of our control. I respect her for her effort in trying to make her marriage work, but if he walks out, at the end of the day there is nothing she can do but be forced to try and start to move forward. With two little kids, she willl have all the reason in the world to live, love, and continue on for them, and her!


you're being a great friend. I'd give it some time and I'm sure she will bring your wedding up to you if she has concerns about what to do!

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My first husband left me with three kids under 5 the youngest was 6 months old. He first cheated after 6 months of marriage.My boys will never forgive him for what he did and neither will i.Your friend is clinging to what she knows, fear makes you want what you cant have or even want.It may take her a long time to pick herself off the floor.

I hope she decides to come to your wedding if the babies were coming to i hope she can bring them.Maybe he would miss them ( you never know) could one of her family take her husbands place?

Did they pay for the trip already because if they have she may as well go.

What i would beware of though is if he decides to go would he invite the ex to stand in for his wife and your friend.

He sounds a rat so just giving you a heads up so he dosent catch you and you H2B off guard.

Im sending your friend positive vibes and hope it all works out xxx

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