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need help with wording invites/save the date?

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Hi ladies,


I am so confused about what I need to send out for the wedding. My fiancee and I are getting married on Jan. 5, 2008 at Sandals Grande Ochos Rios Resort. We have already booked as well as most of our closest family and friends. We pretty much know that everyone who is going, has already booked. We haven't sent anything out yet because we pretty much know that nobody else is going to be attending the wedding but I think that we still should send something out to our family and friends. Do I send any invitation or save-the-date or some kind of announcement? If how do I word it? We are having a civil ceremony and a small reception sometime after we get back that we definetly want to let our family and friends know about, but again what is the proper way to go about doing this?



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Well if most of your guests are already booked I would not send a save the date, but I still would send formal invites that include both the DW wedding and the AHR. In the invite you should include info and RSVP's for both the DW and the AHR. Invitations are nice keepsakes even for those who do not attend.


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I would definitely write that in an invite, maybe a pocketfold, so you could have all the different events. I just did some pretty cheap std magnets from vistaprint and all my guests are raving about them~ plus I think it is getting everyone excited. Also another idea, I have made a wedding website, where family and guests can get all they information they ever wanted and then send that to your family/friends. Hope this helps

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