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Beach Setup for Dancing???

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Alberto from Claudia (maybe) I'm trying to find reviews about him but I haven't been able to!


Okies Jazmin emailed with this response:


so about your questions is possible that you use the main pool for your first dance maybe you have a cokctail special of group here in the main pool with lights or candles around of the pool with:



1.- Special Cocktails:

Beer, Piña Colada Cocktail, Margarita Cocktail & Sparkling Wine

5 USD/per/hour

extra hour: 3 US$/pers


2.- Music:

DJ music cd player(guests can bring their special songs in cd or I pod to play)

150 USD/per/hour

Or Live music per set of 45 min

Mariachi (330 usd), Mexican guitar (242 usd)


Note: Choose 1 kind of bars as well as DJ or live music is necessary to confirm the cocktail party service. until 11:00 pm


And the other option is in the Discotheque La Rancherita " inside the Hacienda Doña Isabel here you can use for your first dance. 150 usd per hour

Looks like you can only have the cocktail service until 11pm anyways! It might work out though... cause anyone who wants to party later can go to the disco.


Do you think the $5/per/hour is person? It kinda looks that way but the DJ is listed the same so I don't know?? It also looks like we have to pick one type of drink only - I think if we're allowed (and if the pool bar is still open) we might just skip having a "special" bar. Gah! I don't know!

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I really don't think the pool bar is open at that time, I think it closes rather early since the pool does. I read it somewhere, I just can't figure out where. And I would assume it's $5 per person. But I think you should clarify... just in case!

Is this only available at the main pool, or could you do it at one of the more private pools?

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