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Name that photo website!!

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Hi girls, I am racking my brains here!!


A little while ago I found a webiste that all photographers upload their photos to.


You can search by location and all albums in that are would appear. It was great for checking out different areas.


Does anyone know the site I am talking about?


I would be gratelful if someone could put me out of my misery :)


Many thanks!!

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Hmmm... could it possibly be Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing It's not just for photographers, but you can definitely type in a place and get results... for instance I typed in Moon Palace and bunch of pictures from the resort came up.

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Originally Posted by nathanielthompsonphoto View Post
Find the Perfect Wedding and Portrait Photographer on Pictage.com ?

It's a popular one among wedding photographers. I've used them for years, and you can search by location - just type it in the search area for bride and groom.

I'm transitioning to smugmug though...maybe thats it?

Well done!! Thats it!!!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks so much!! :)

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