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Gringo Gazette

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Good afternoon ladies!


I just found this magazine for Los Cabos. It concentrates on the Baja area, and is English-based. It's actually pretty interesting.


It's published every other week and is about 55 pages, so a good-sized magazine/newspaper!


It looks like it will be very informative for someone wanting to move to Los Cabos, or who vacations often down there, or for someone (like us!) who's just interested in the area. It has a ton of ads, as well, so great to search for new vendors.


I bought a 6 month subscription for $13 (for 12 issues) and you can do an online subscription in PDF format, or they will also mail you the real deal.




TThe Gringo Gazette, Baja's only English speaking newspaper. Covering fishing, golf, real estate, news and all services in the Northern and Southern Baja, Mexico.

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