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Couples Sans Souci anyone??

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We had planned on getting married at the ROR, but changed our minds on date and location just recently. when I was planning to get married at ROR I was overwhelmed with information and had the entire wedding planned from the moment I got up to the time I went to bed. New everything that I wanted to upgrade, there was nothing I had questions about.


Now I find myself lost. I had gone over every possible thread I could find on this website and many others and I still have many unanswered questions.


I did notify the US wedding planner for Couples and she sent me the standard info package, I have checked on the couples message boards. I don't have a lot of questions but it would be nice to have some info to compare with.


So basically are there any more Couples Sans Souci brides out there!!!!!

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I did not get married at COuples but I went to sans souci for one day ( as an exchange from Couples tower isles where we spent our honeymoon) and it is a beautiful resort. The wedding gazebo is located in a nice area overlooking the cliffs and the walkway to the gazebo is a little dark because of overhanging trees but its still beautiful.

I dont think youll regret it.

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