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I have been to DR twice. Both times I went to Punta Cana. I must say that is where I orginally wanted to get married. It is so georgeous out there. First time I went I stayed at Riu Taino. It was a great resort. No complaints. Very good food, your rooms are seperate little houses all over. Awsome staff. Would go back in a heart beat.

I never saw a wedding take place but they did have a big gazebo that looked nice lit up at night.


Second time I went I stayed at Breezes. We watched about 5 weddings on the beach from big to small ones. They were all everything i hope my wedding will be. (In my opinion) I wasn;t right up close as I didn't want to intrude on anyones special day but we watched fom a ways away and they were so beautiful. They braid palm tree leaves to make an arch on the beach. I did meet and briefly talk with the wedding co-ordinator there and she was really nice. I am getting married in Jamaica but I thought if any of you wanted to get married in DR but were having a tough time deciding you should definaltly check out breezes or Riu Taino.

Breezes is a 4 star but the 6 person group we went with were all really impressed with this resort.


If you want anymore information feel free to ask.

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