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Walkie Talkies in OOT Bags?

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For those of you that decided to communicate with your guests via walkie talkies, did you include the radios in your OOT bags or just add them to your suggested packing list? I was thinking they would be the one pricey item I added to the bags, but I guess a lot of people would have a pair of walkie talkies lying around the house somewhere.


If you used walkie talkies, did they work out well, or did you have trouble hearing on them? I want to use them in case some of my guests are at another (affiliated) resort about a mile down the beach - I guess if I buy walkie talkies, I will need to get good ones. It will probably end up depending on how many guests I have booked (whether it will fit into the budget or not). What do you think?

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