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Sun Gold Photography

Rock House Hotel in Negril Wedding :)

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Hi Everyone,


I wanted to add this beautiful wedding at Rock House to our list of weddings in Jamaica. Rock House in Negril is a great venue and one of my favorite places to have dinner. Enjoy.


Mark & Emily





Hopefully this can serve as a “sticky†post. We get inquiries all the time from Brideâ€s asking us if we have photos from the resort they are thinking of getting married. There are 68 weddings here from 25 different resorts all over Jamaica. These are all actual weddings photographed at resorts in Jamaica and many resorts have more than one location for ceremony or reception. This will help you get an idea of the many different locations.


If your wedding venue is not here, please contact me and I will do my very best to update this post or private email you a link.




Couples Resort:

Lindsey & Tim

Kristie & Dan

Mark & Jennifer

Couples Swept Away:

Michael & Kimberly

Leigh & Bobby

Amber and Jason

Traci & David

Laura & Shawn

Negril Escape:

Vanessa & Tim

Tensing Pen:

Jay & Elisa

Antoinette & Jason

Nakia & Terraine

Aisha & Maurice

Grand Lido Resort:

Natira & Damon

Sherisse & Kyle

Sunset At the Palms:

Jill & Dan

Sean & Kelly

Ryan & Megan

Kelly & Sean

Christy & Dave






Rock House Hotel:

Latoya & Joseph

Jason & Jessica

Erin & Mathew

Elizabeth & Gregory

Allison & Eric

Alisha & Greg

Abe and Rachel

David & Heather

Moon Dance Villas:

Leslie & Patrick

Candice & Melvin

Anna & Vadim

Allison & Andre

Chad and Allison

Tammy & Keith

Ronda & Kelly

Katie & Ken

James and Dana

Marcela & Justin

Tara & Dustin


Joshua & Nicole

Llantrissant Villa:

Jimmy & Julie




Grand Palladium:

Roxie and Armand



Rose Hall Resort:

Michelle & Michael

Lori & Pasquale

Bellefield Great House:

Wendy & Gareth

Round Hill:

Brigette & Anthony

Scott & Lyndsey

Shannon & Michael



The Ritz Carlton:

Joseph & Jennifer

Half Moon:

Christopher & Christina

Coyaba Resort:

Anthony & Vanessa

Samad & Summaya

Dameon & Tracy

Tomas & Maida

Wharf House Villa:

Megan & Gregg

Sunset Beach Resort:

Marjorie & Tremayne

Half Moon:

Lorne & Melissa


Lauren & Matthew

Darren & Marcia


Couples San Souci:

Yemi & Danielle

Riu Ocho Rios:

Mia & Tyson

Jeff & Becky


Robert & Charys

Derek & Stephanie

Tennille & Rasheed

The Ruins:

Kevin & Karina

Villa Viento:

Michele & Sean



Alexandra and Daniel

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