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How to let kids be a part of ceremony

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Ok so here is our issue, well kind of issue. And truthfully I thought I had it all figured out and now I am questioning myself! So here it goes, my FH has 2 teenage boys (13 & 14) that we want to incorporate into the ceremony. He is having his brother and his cousin stand up for him, I am having my cousin and my best friend (BF is a guy). So needless to say we are not even on guys and girls anyways. At one time I was going to have them walk me down the aisle, but I think my mom would really love to do that. So then i was thinking we could just have the boys on my FH's side during the ceremony. Is there any other way anyone can think to incorporate them or make them feel like they are a huge part of the wedding?


We are going to be addressing our invites and i have seen a few girls on here mention their kids in the invite...not sure if we should do that since they are quite a bit older. Our wedding is very non-traditional for many reasons, but one of which is this is the second for both of us.


Any advice or should I stick with my original thought of just having the boys on his side...??

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