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i think we should also remember that all guest..older folks etc dont go online that often nor do they "get it". So i think if you did a combination that might be good. I am contemplating that as well and am actually trying to make sure I keep cost down....using the website but at the same time get to the info out.

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I put a ton of info and pics of the resort, etc.. on my website to get people excited. The website also doubled as my 'save the date' and I just update people every month or so.


I had my resort send me some beautiful brochures that I plan to include in the invitations. They didn't send me enough for every single invitation. Since I don't have enough brochures for everyone, I'm only including the brochure with the invitations to people who I really, REALLY want at the wedding (my A list) AND who are still on the fence for whatever reason. Those people who I "have to" send invites to but I wouldnt' really lose sleep if they didn't go are not getting a brochure:)

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