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General list for OOT bags

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I have been compiling list of OOT items. Below are the items I have compiled based on post sharing OOT experiences with us. I have broken down the list based on if the review suggests the items be included, left out, or if I have seen places were people say both leave out or keep the items in your OOT. It is just a starting point but I hope it helps someone.


Things everyone would buy again:


o Mints

o Snacks, cookies and crackers

o Water bottles


o Alka Seltzer

o Tums

o Advil

o Imodium

o Rolaids

o Pepto bismol

o Motrin

o Dramamine (if a boat is involved)

•For the body

o Aloe

o Hair ties

o Bandaids

o Lotion or after sun lotion wipes

•Shout wipes

•Key card holders

•Hibiscus coin purses



•Flip Flops

•Playing Cards

•Disposable cameras

•Bottle opener



•Puzzle Books

•Sodoku books

•Travel mug or cups

•Beach towel

•Luggage tag

•Tank top or shirt

•Brochures of what was to expect (Vistaprint)

•“Meet the guests" pages - everybody loved it – including a place to write everyoneâ€s room number

•Hand written note to each couple or guest

Some people would buy again some would not:

•Tote, coolers, or pail for guest to use



•Off Wipes and bug spray (depending on time of year)


•Hand sanitizer

•Hat or visor

Would Not Buy Again

•Mini beach balls


•Spanish for Dummies books~ as cute as they were no one read them

•Sewing kits

•Post its

•Energy patches

•gummy bears or chocolate (they were a little melted)

•local coffee/tea

•All the cutesy favors like candles and starfish

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Yes, I guess it is. I took a bit of a different approach by reading what the receivers of the OOTâ€s did or did not use. It seems it would have been more usefully for me to only make a list of what people said their guest did not use. Sorry for a duplicate post.

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