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Wedding on the Caribbean Coast

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Hi Ladies,


I am planning a wedding on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica (near Punta Uva) and was wondering if anyone else is planning a wedding in this area or has gotten married in this area? I realize that this is the less "popular" location, which is part of the reason that I choose it.


Does anyone have any information about this location?


Thank you,



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Hi there Jennifer,


I few things i would like to suggest.


I love the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, great food music and nightlife! Punta Uva is a beautiful location but keep in mind it gets busy on weekends (by locals), during the week it would be more private. There is a great place to stay right on the shore near Punta Uva (Casa Viva) fully furnished bungalows, really nice and quiet. Further away recommendations in Cocles: Cariblue and Azania (mid range- very nice) In Playa Chiquita: Shawanda & Le Cameleon (high end).

Weddings should be earlier than normal, it gets darker quicker (sunset behind the mountains (beach/ocean sunrise). Ceremonies should en around 4pm to have time for photos.


It is a pretty wet part of the country (that is why it is so lush). September & October and Feb & March are ideal.

I recommend a wedding planner to arrange for flowers, hair, music, etc. Services are available but this way you make sure everything will go smooth.

We have some images of weddings in Cocles, Pta Uva, Playa Chiquita, we will pull some up for you to see. I will let you know in the next post.

Let me know what other questions you may have to help you out. You will love it there!

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Thank you for your response and the information! :) I guess I should have mentioned what I already have in place as I would really appreciate any feedback/sugguestions/advice/info that anyone could provide me with. I wish I would have known about this site BEFORE I started the whole planning process!


Well we have set the wedding date for May 22, 2010 so I am really hoping and praying for some nice weather...however, I do realize that it is the rainforest therefore a chance for rain! I have reserved all the rooms at El Nido and at Tierra de Suenos for our guests. And my fiance and I will be staying at the house on the Property of the Jungle Love Cafe, which is where we are planning to have the reception. I tried to keep everyone/everything within walking distance. I have actually been leaning towards Playa Chiquita for the ceremony as it would be closer and more convenient.


Thank you for sharing the photos with me and I would love to see more if you have some!


So...info anyone?? Has anyone stayed at any of those places or know anything about any of them?


Thank you :)



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