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What Extracurricular Activites Do You Do Together?

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We like to go rock climbing, scuba diving (though I tend to wait till the water is warmer, he goes anytime), camping, travel, dinner parties (as long as they are small :) ). I think that's it....I'll add more later

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Originally Posted by MikkiStreak View Post

I actually stood in the Art Institute in Chicago about 10 years ago and started crying because I was so much in awe. I was overwhelmed with the idea that I was standing close enough to touch a canvas that was once painted on by Monet and I just lost it.

I'm a dork, I know....

Hahaha, my Dad did the same thing awhile back at the MOMA. He started bawling ~ I was 16 and SO embarrassed! lol

This is a cute thread. Martin and I LOVE to travel. Our goal is to take at least one trip a year out of the country, but we also enjoy short road trips (to Austin, San Antonio, etc.) and checking out other cities in the US. We went to Boston last Xmas - that was great! Hope to go back again this year. Eating out is big, so is TV. We like to play games as well. The dog park is always a big hit. Uhmm, what else... oh yeah, we like to work out together, shop for things for the new pad, play tennis, PLAN OUR WEDDING! (haha, duh!), hang out with friends, try new wines...

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