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Help me choose our guest info booklet cover! *new info #16

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Originally Posted by *Heather* View Post
This is the text on the inside - does it change anyone's vote?

"Let's face it, is there anything worse than forgetting someone's name mid-introduction? Yikes. While it's true we have some seriously spectacular family and friends, we don't expect you'll know who's who right away (is that blonde over there the banker or the bartender? Hmm). Lucky for you, we've devised this handy cheat sheet so you'll not only know who "Double A" is, but you won't confuse him with the guy who wears AC/DC underwear. So get out there and go mingle. We're so glad you're here! Love, H and M."
LOVE IT!! go with number 1!!!!!! Sloan could not have said it better!! She got it right on!

OK. so where did you get these?

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I did all the text myself, but the design etc was done by Miss Pickles Press. I haven't seen it yet in person but the drafts look amazing! She'll be shipping them to me today cheesy.gif

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