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Jamy's Las Caletas Wedding Review

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Originally Posted by MarlaB View Post
Wow. What an amazing review of your wedding. I also couldn't see the pictures but the weirdest thing happened. I copied and pasted your review onto my word document and suddenly your pictures magically appeared! It was a strange, but nice surprise. You mentioned staying an extra 1/2 hour. Did you pay extra for that? I thought it was $10 per guest per hour extra charge. Also, what did you do for music? Did you have the Trio or a band or DJ, etchuh.gif What were those gifts I see on everyone's plates? Was there some sort of "head table" or did you just sit with all the other guests at the long table I see in the picture? Did you host a welcome dinner somewhere?
What hotel did you stay at? What was the temperature and were you able to stay cool in the bridal suite? Was it required to make a seating chart for the ceremony and reception? How did you choose your cake? Did Nicole send you sample pictures? Did you have children at the wedding? I am thinking of having an adults only wedding (aside from the ring bearer and flower girl).
Sorry about the million questions!!! April 1 can't come quick enough. Nicole and I have begun communicating.
I am now going to view the official pictures!!

Thank you again.
So sorry I missed this earlier...

Yes, we paid extra for the 1/2 hour. We brought our own music and used their sound system which was loud and worked well.

On the plates are our cd favors. We had a t-shape for the tables - our table for two was the head and there was a long one branching off of that. There was also a long table on the right side of us. We hosed the WD at Barcelona Tapas, see my separate review.

We stayed at Dreams, love it. Still have to do that review darn it!

It was warm the day of the wedding but we didn't really notice it. There is a fan in the suite.

We had open seating, no chart other than bride & groom at head of table. The cake was a total surprise. I just told her white cake with flowers and I loved it, really yummy too. If you want options I'm sure she can send you pics. We had 2 children (ages 4 and 6) and they had a blast.

I hope that answered everything & sorry I was so slow to respond.

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Thanks for the awesome review Jamy. With both you and Ann being so happy with your Las Caletas selection, more brides are sure to utilize the site. Also, loved the color or the dresses! Can't wait to see more pics!!!

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