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asking help from any brides that have been married at Dreams Cancun

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Hey Ladies:),


i have a few questions for anyone that has been married at Dreams:


i've set my wedding date for June 3rd,2010:) but my fiance and i are having some troubles deciding on a few things:


where do you think is the best place to hold the reception? we were thinking the terrace/garden?


how long do you think we should rent the stereo equiptment for? our ceremony is at 6pm(sunset) i was thinking 8-12??


has anyone used the hotel photographer? is he/she any good?


also does anyone have a fax number for claudia? i've been experiencing the lack of response of emails which people have told me is normal:) LOL! since they tend to do things at their own pace in mexico.


thanks so much you guys:)



Van B.C.

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Please utilize the search function as so much has already been discussed at length by previous brides.


Also, check out the link in my signature for helpful hints on how to navigate the forum.

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