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HELP!! Which hotel for best beach and food in RV

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I have 4 hotels to choose from in the Riviera Maya area. My fiance is a beach person, so he could careless what the pool looks like. He will want to be in the water the whole time. If anyone has any feed back on the below hotels please let me know. We are looking to have our renewal of vows on the beach and honeymoon at the same place - NO guests- just the 2 of us.


SOO If it has a great beach and great food for a reasonable price then I'm in.


But please hurry I need to book this today as some of the hotel discounts

end at midnight tonight!! And I have 35 days to plan this!!!! UGHH


1) Excellence Riviera Maya

2) Secrets Capri

3) Secrets Maroma Beach

4) Iberostar Grand


I am open to any other hotel suggestions too!! Thanks sooo much!!

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I ended up chosing the Secrets Maroma Beach.



1) The price ended up dropping to a lower rate

7 Nights out of JFK on Jet Blue Non-stop in a Jr Suite Ocean Preferred Club Room / Transfers/ Insurance came to $3155.94 I went through Liberty Travel - she originally gave me a quote of $3600, I told her I saw the same thing on Expedia and she matched it for us. If you need the name of the TA I used (she is in Hartford, CT) PM me and I will let you know her #.


2) My fiance is all about the beach and the water. After reading so many reviews on the other 3 hotels I thought the beach at Maroma sounded like it was the best.


I only have a month to plan this, as my wedding Date is the 7th or 8th of Sept (both days are available at the resort, I just need to pick one)


It's just my fiance and I getting married so there shouldn't be too much planning to do. Most important to me is the photograher/videographer and then my hair and makeup. Wish me luck!!


Happy planning :)

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Good luck! Actually, I am looking into the Secrets Maroma Beach also for my honeymoon! I am getting married in Nassau Bahamas during a weekend cruise with friends and family. On our return on Monday, we will leave on our honeymoon.


I am also using liberty travel; however I have not received my quote yet since we just decided this weekend on the honeymoon location… LOL. Thanks for posting about liberty travel matching the rate expedia was offering....I found a great rate at cheapcaribbean.com, however my TA at liberty travel has been great with our group reservation for the cruise and we also have a honeymoon registry with liberty travel so we want to book with them.


Let me know how it goes!



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