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  1. Congrats on the wedding. I also got married in the Bahamas and used a Wedding Coordinator in Nassau. Here is there website: Weddings In The Bahamas ? Paradise Island Destination Wedding Planner They were great! I highly recommend them. Nassau is a beautiful place to have a wedding. If you need any other information, please don't hesitate to ask. Happy Planning! Ceci
  2. Congrats! I recommend Secrets Maroma Beach! I just stayed there for my honeymoon and it is great. While I was there they had a wedding which they did a fantastic job. The Bride and Groom were very pleased and the price was reasonable.
  3. OK...I just got back from my honeymoon at Secrets Maroma Beach in the Riviera Maya....it was amazing!!!! All the rooms are Jr. Suites; however I had the swim out room! I had an amazing time...will be going back for our anniversary! I highly recommend it. I have nothing negative to say about this resort! I have traveled to Mexico in the past, but this is the best resort I have stayed at.
  4. Ok...I know that the Poopdeck sounds crazy...but the food was amazing! I got married about a week an half ago at the "Sandyport" aka Poopdeck! It was beautiful! My WC from Weddings in the Bahamas did an outstanding job! They exceeded our expectations! The wedding day was a beautiful cloudless day and our shoe side wedding was amazing with the crystal blue ocean as our back drop! I could not have asked for a better day!
  5. OMG!!! I am also using Wedding in the Bahamas WC. Lynda is great! Our wedding is next month (Oct. 17, 2009) we are sailing on a weekend cruise on NCL with 50 family and friends...Lynda worked everything out for us to get our guest from the pier to the venue at Sandyport. Also, she gives great advise! There prices are great...my venue is going to be great....I will post some pictures when I return! Also, on my invites I omitted poop deck! My invites said " Sandyport Beach Nassau, Bahamas"
  6. Thanks for your feedback..we will be going to Maroma for our honeymoon and we are very excited. Now that I have read your feedback...I am more excited! THANK YOU!!!!
  7. Actually the knot has the parasols on sale right now for 4.99....I bought 24 parasols during the last sale and they are great! They are made very well.
  8. Congrats! You looked beautiful! Now I am more excited to be going to SMB for my honeymoon!
  9. Our driving force was price. We live in South Florida, so we have many options between the cruise lines. I know I wanted a fall wedding and also the sailing prices are cheaper during the fall. We got a great rate with NCL which included all outside cabins. We currently have 50 guests sailing with us on our weekend cruise to the Bahamas. I also found a WC in the island, which offered us a better wedding package than the cruise lines.
  10. Actually, that is why we choose a weekend cruise vs. a 7 day cruise. Basically, we will set sail on Friday, get married on Saturday in Nassau Bahamas while at port, and on Sunday we are at NCL’s private island then back to port (Miami) by 8:00 am on Monday. Then Monday evening we leave for our honeymoon. We look at it as a weekend of partying vs. 4 hours! We have approximately 50 guests sailing with us, our closest friends and family. The love the idea of a weekend cruise, it’s like a mini vacation. I can totally understand you. I would not like to go with some of my guest to my honeymoon! LOL Checkout my wedding website for info on the cruise.... Our Destination Wedding! - The Knot: Wedding Web Page Builder Hope this helps!
  11. Good luck! Actually, I am looking into the Secrets Maroma Beach also for my honeymoon! I am getting married in Nassau Bahamas during a weekend cruise with friends and family. On our return on Monday, we will leave on our honeymoon. I am also using liberty travel; however I have not received my quote yet since we just decided this weekend on the honeymoon location… LOL. Thanks for posting about liberty travel matching the rate expedia was offering....I found a great rate at cheapcaribbean.com, however my TA at liberty travel has been great with our group reservation for the cruise and we also have a honeymoon registry with liberty travel so we want to book with them. Let me know how it goes! Ceci
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JCruz I've stayed at the Riu Palace in the Mayan Riviera and had an awesome time. The staff were accomodating and always friendly, the grounds were beautiful and food was good. I would agree with saltocoach and check out trip advisor. I think it's good to be aware of those with "bad" experiences and decide for yourself if it's alright with you. As for my opinion, I loved it enough to book my wedding at another Riu Palace (Cabo). Thanks for the feedback, I was also looking into the Riu in Mayan Rivera. I just can't decide which one to reserve!
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