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Cancun Car Rental Referral?

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Mods please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong area, wasn't sure where to go w/ it!


I'm looking for some great car rental referrals. Most of you know that I'm flying down our own photographers. They have been absolutely amazing. I'm fairly certain that the 3 best decisions I ever made were to marry Joe, have the wedding in Akumal, and bring these photographers. Well They are doing alot of stuff for us for free. We are paying for their flights, hotel, food, and they asked for a rental car. The photogs are a married couple and we are paying for them to stay a week so they can have a mini vacay.


Now they had requested an SUV they are bringing quite of bit of stuff so they needed a good size car, not an economy, but really wanted to spend their other days exploring the riviera so they asked for an SUV.


I made a huge to do list and realized how much stuff I had not done yet and we leave in 10 days. I had looked at the price of an SUV in May but I hadn't been paid yet and couldn't reserve it, but now they are at least double that price if not more. Which I only have a 14 day advance at this point but was hoping I wouldn't have to spend that much.


Now I've looked at budget, thrifty, avis, hertz. And we need someone either at the airport or has a shuttle to their location. Do any of you girls have any recommendations for a cancun car rental company w/ good service, prices, something easy for my photographers?



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Hmmm....Jac an SUV is SUPER expensive, I know this because we were looking at quotes before we left and realized that we could get two economy cars for less than a minivan. For some reason SUVs are just outrageous pricewise. Will they settle for a minivan? It's still pretty pricey but a lot less than an SUV and big enough to hold lots of stuff.


IMHO, while I understand they're bringing lots of stuff and doing lots for you, it seems unreasonable for them to be requesting such a huge car if it's just the two of em. Have you told them how much it costs? Perhaps once they know what kind of bill you would be footing, they might be more reasonable and settle for an SUV or a full size car. Oooh and don't forget insurance is a CRAPLOAD!!!


We had two economy cars reserved -- $85 each for two weeks. Then the kicker -- it woulda costs $700+ to insure them. Needless to say, Tommy darted for the door and just canceled the reservation. Luckily our friend out there let us use his drivers for the first couple days for our errands and then gave us a 14-passenger to use for free during our entire stay. wink.gif


On another note.....EEEEEEKKKKKKKK I can't believe your day has come upon us so fast!!!!! Are you excited yet, or just stressed, lol? cheesy.gif

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ah!!! I'm beginning to stress just a little. I have some last minute projects to finish, and i have to babysit my 10 month old nephew on tues, wed, thurs, and then fri i have to go get a mani, pedi, tan and pack the last minute clothes and such (i 'm packing everything else this weekend) and then we leave early saturday morning!


But anyways, our photogs want an SUV cause they want to go and explore during the day. I emailed him late last night if he could use a smaller car, and I found a couple places who've included their insurance and such in their quote, but the problem has now come to alot of places aren't allowing me to pay in advance.....


why do i do these things last minute?!

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