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Gift registry-a honeymoon??

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We have no intention of asking for gifts for our wedding, we strongly feel like people coming is enough of a gift in and of itself. However, we have had some people insist they would like to get us a gift, especially those who will not being making it to Mexico.

We really, really, really don't want more "stuff." I had my shower and that was already more than we wanted or need. I don't want to seem unappreciative but we don't have the room for it and some things I'd just rather buy myself.

We discussed people donating to charity and nobody really liked the idea saying they would rather give us the cash so we thought okay put it on our house fund! But we've been really lucky and have a great nest egg already for our house when we do decide to buy one, which is still a few years away. Although more money there would be nice, it's really not needed.

I came across a website that lets you register for honeymoon stuff (i.e. your plane tickets, massages, a room upgrade for night, an excursion, etc.). We have enough aside to pay for it ourselves but it would be great to have help with this and enjoy it and not worry about how much money we are spending and it's something we will really use and enjoy!

So (after all that back story haha) has anyone done a registry for something like this? Do you think it is tacky? Just wanting to get thoughts, suggestions and opinions. Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi, I'm using honeyfund.com too, which is such a great website created by another couple. My fiance and I already have a home together, luckily filled with everything we need, so we thought this new honeymoon registry would be a great idea.

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