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Ceremony order

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We leave in 17 days, Where has the time gone?censored.gif

Our programs are all ready to go, Before I print them, I thoughts I'd get some opinions on the order of the ceremony. Here's what I have so far:


Marriage Act

Reading - blessing of the hands (english)


Reading - Marriage joins two people in the circle of love (french)

Sand Ceremony - bilingual



My concern was whether or not we need something before the marriage act. Or maybe move the vows after the sand ceremony... I don't know anymore.


What did you brides do? Any help is always appreciated!smile03.gif

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virg - that is VERY similar to what my ceremony order is... we are having a pastor from the DR do it and it's the ceremony he sent us.


i did rearrange things a little bit after looking at people's programs on here. the hardest thing i found to fit in was the sand ceremony! i just did a quick search and found a program where you can read the ceremony order, but i'd give that a shot so you can compare yours.



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