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Melissa's Playa Del Carmen Wedding Review-NON Resort wedding

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Hi Everyone,

I was a pretty silent player on this website but I loved the ideas and help I did get from it and formed some great friendships with other girls on the site. I wanted to contribute this review so it hopefully helps someone deciding where they want their wedding, photographer, or videographer. I will try to keep this short and sweet:


Resort we Stayed At: Royal A-

I absolutely loved the Royal. I think it is one of the best hotels I have ever been to. I love the rooms and the service they give you. The only thing that gives this hotel an A- is that a lot of my guests had issues with their rooms. We went through a travel agency and I'm not sure if she is to blame but it was not something I wanted to deal with the week of my wedding. It all was sorted out and everyone stayed at the Royal but people who were supposed to get Ocean front got moved to Ocean view. I think everyone was given free spa services and the cheaper price though to make up for it. We had our rehearsal dinner there and they did a FABULOUS job. I can't even explain how thankful we were to the service they provided that night.


Travel Agent: Heather with Berman Travel: D

I hate giving someone a bad review and feel so bad but I would not recommend Heather at all. I had no problems with her myself but like I said there were a lot of issues with rooms and people were trying to call and e-mail her and she wasnâ€t responding. I didnâ€t realize until once we were down there but a lot of people did not like her or get along with her . But I, personally, never had an issue with her.


Wedding Planner: Micas De Mirralls: A

Micas de Miralls - The Wedding Planner

Federica was great!!! I was a complete bridezilla near the end and probably drove her nuts but she was great with me. There was, of course, areas I think she somewhat lacked but I really think it was due to the language barrier and the fact that I am a control freak. She did a great job and got us the most beautiful flowers, a great location, a really amazing wedding in general. The only thing she didn't get that was great was the dj. We gave him a list of what we liked and he went pretty much song after song off that which I didn't like. I was hoping he could have mixed it up and do his own thing a little more. But again I think this had to do with the language barrier. I think every destination wedding bride realizes after the wedding that you really do need to go in somewhat easy going with the whole wedding because it isn't going to go the way you planned it exactly :) But Federica and her assistant Isabella were simply amazing and I should have put more trust in them from the beginning and it would have made the whole process easier. I'm not sure who Federica got our flowers from-BUT THEY WERE AMAZING. I loved them!!!!!


Celebrant: Rev. Jose Antonio Padin A

Jose was great! He spoke great English and made some great jokes. I wrote out our whole ceremony so it was pretty easy for him but he was a great man with a nice personality! I would highly recommend him:



Location of Ceremony: Playacar Beach Phase I A

I loved where we had our ceremony. The only thing that I didnâ€t like about it and that I guess I should talk to my wedding planner about is that I was never told another wedding would be at the beach that day. The other wedding was much further down the beach but it was still there and that did upset me. We did do a Saturday in April which Iâ€m sure is a very popular day. If you do decide to do it here-I would inquire about this. It was nice though and we didnâ€t have any random people watching our wedding. It is in a private community so you really only have the people who are in the villas there to be lurking around.


Location of Reception: Kool Beach Club A+

WOW! This turned out even better than I had expected. We had a VERY WINDY DAY!!!! All my candles blew out(which we spent a lot of $$ on) but thankfully the location is so great that you really donâ€t need any candles. Also I was talking to another bride who did her wedding there who had new tables and chairs sent in and we used the ones they had and people LOVED IT. The chairs are somewhat beachy but they give the room character! We had square and circle tables but I liked the way it turned out.  Everyone at my wedding was so impressed by this location. It has such a trendy feel to it. The food was also great! I have no complaints for the Kool beach club and highly recommend it. Resort weddings are great but they will never be nearly as private and trendy as this place is!


Photographer: Pierre A+


Pierre was AWESOME!!!!! We went on a limb with him because he had just moved to Mexico when we booked him but his photos are great!!! I think he is priced below all the other popular ones and if I were you I would get him before he raises his prices even more(I think we got a deal because he was so new). I am going to try and attach some photos so that you can see what a great job he did. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Here is his website:

Pierre Visual Studio - Wedding Photography - Home - Wedding Photographer


Videographer: Mike Cantarell with Cancun weddings A+

Also a great choice! I LOVE our video! It looks like it can be on MTV. He did a great job! He was very nice and sweet with all the guests too. I would also HIGHLY recommend him!



Place cards, Menus, Welcome Kits: Jennifer Raichman A+

I found Jennifer on etsy.com one night when I was majorly panicking! She got me all of this within a week. She is so sweet and will come up with anything you like. She replies to e-mail super fast and is just a pleasure to work with. Again, another highly recommended person! She can do invitations too. She just did our thank you cards and people love them!  Her e-mail is jen@jenniferraichman.com


I think that is everything! I loved my wedding!  I hope this helps someone!


I can't figure out how to post pictures-please contact me if you would like to see some! :)

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You can upload you images you want to share to photobucket.com then copy and past the IMG code in the body of your post and when you post is shows the picture.



Thanks for you review , everything sounded wonderful.

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upload them into photobucket and then you just need to copy the IMG code and paste it into the window where you reply

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Your wedding sounds fabulous! There aren't many non-resort reviews on here so it's great that you've shared your experience. Please share your pics, I know so many of us would like to see how beautiful everything turned out wink.gif


Here's a how-to thread. The posting pics section is on here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t32313

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YES! It worked!!! :)

The last one was in the room at the Royal getting ready. This one is a picture of my bridesmaid flowers, my program, and the clutches I bought my bridesmaids:

Click the image to open in full size.

Group Picture-I loved the way these green dresses photographed:

Click the image to open in full size.

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