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Cancun Wedding in December?

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Is there anybody out there who is planning or had their wedding in December? I'm planning to change my date to December, but I'm not sure if it's a good month. I can't find anyone who had or plans to have their wedding in December in this forum. I just find it odd. Let me know if you are or know of a December bride. thanks!

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Hi there,


There's a whole thread for December 2009 brides!




No sure if ALL of them are getting married in Cancun, but I'm sure a good number of them are...

Here is a good site for figuring out what the weather will be like...also provides historical data (so you cna know whether it typically rains on your wedding date:-))


Weather History & Data Archive : Weather Underground


I got married just this past December closer to Playa Del Carmen than Cancun, and the weather, for the most part, was great!! December is out of hurricane season... It does tend, I think, to be a bit windier at night, the temperatures aren't as scorching as in the summer months (which may be better for some people...) and you might get a day of rain (we did)...


HTH :-)

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hello there,

YAY i am having my wedding there in december too at the mandarin oriental. i was actually looking into the fairmont. really beautiful. i looked into th eweather there and it should be mild. of course there is the occasional chance of rain there but the general trend seems to show not too too much rain and also its around 75-80 degrees during the day and cool at night...at least thats the info i got from all the weather websites.


i am in desperate need of a local photagrapher there. do you know anyone or have found anyone. i am going there very soon to book the place and meet with vendors but its hard to find them!!!!


Let me know any info you know about that area too.


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